Consumer Market Flashpoints: Between Uncertainty and Opportunity

August 2023

In the upcoming years, consumers and businesses face an array of challenges, with income inequality, mass migration and rising uncertainty about another crisis being among the major ones. Nevertheless, within this lie untapped opportunities. This briefing explores the impact of the societal disruptions and shortlists prospects for companies that act proactively and address the disruptions holistically and early on.

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Key findings

Playing an active role in reducing income inequality will pay off in the future

Income inequality is expected to grow worldwide, as the low-income consumer segment expands with declines in real income and growing migration. Income polarisation is at the core of negative public sentiment and unrest, which disrupts consumption. Businesses that can play an active role in reducing this inequality are poised for long-term success.

Expatriates increase market size and moderate consumption patterns

Geopolitical, social and environmental shocks will lead to more intensive people movement across countries. Addressing mass migration proactively rather than reactively opens opportunities for immediately bigger markets, product portfolio innovation and expansion, and ethnically diverse consumer pools.

Preparing for another pandemic means learning lessons from the previous one

Pandemics are known for their unpredictability and devastating impact, yet understanding the structural changes and adapting to the reformed consumer reality helps companies build resilience and be ready for what comes next. Catering to home-centric living through introducing digital offers, embracing multiple responsibility initiatives and incorporating health factors into a product or service will result in better preparedness for the next health crisis.

Rising cost of living as a major driver for change

Rising costs of living will be at the centre of change over the short term, triggering the rise of income inequality, prompting mass migration and eroding social cohesion. Interplaying with the long-term megathreat of climate change, rapidly rising living costs will manifest in more mindful and cautious consumption.

Proactiveness as a critical differentiating factor

Inequality, migration and unanticipated crises are complex topics, requiring systematic and large-scale inputs from all stakeholders. Through acting proactively and addressing the multiple consumer pain points and vulnerabilities companies are well positioned to profit.

Key findings
Exploring Consumer Market Flashpoints
Drivers of Consumer Market Flashpoints
Consumer Market Flashpoints uncovered
Global i ncome g ap w idens a midst c ost-of-living c risis
Doing nothing is not an option
Lidl UK raises salaries for the third time in a year
Debris of social action falls on the companies
Unlock potential through closing the gaps
Embracing immigration is strategic solution to stagnating economic growth
How immigrants drive economic growth
Canada: M ass immigration to transform the nation
Amazon, Starbucks and adidas among others pledge to hire and train 250,000 refugees
John Legend launches skin care line Loved01 for melanin-rich skin
Unleash the advantages of multiculturalism
Major consumer shifts as a result of the pandemic
How to build resilience and be ready for the next pandemic
Marks & Spencer uses packaging to highlight health threats and educate consumers
Collaboration between Xbox and Calm to improve the mental health of gamers
Be ready or be sorry
Navigating the reality of polycrisis
Guylian streamlines product portfolio to build agility and discover new opportunities
Unilever streamlines product range to enhance efficiency
Connect flashpoints, build resilience
Key takeaways
Consumer Market Flashpoints: How to win
Evolution of Consumer Market Flashpoints
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